The first UK in-house football card/sticker

Grading Service


We are progressing with the most important movement in the UK Football Card/Sticker hobby.

We are currently developing an in-house grading service that bypasses painfully slow turnaround times and costly worldwide postage insurance. We believe all collectors should receive a service that warrants the fees you pay. Our promise is your treasured stickers and cards will be graded by footballing people here in the UK. As collecting enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the reluctance of parting with your prized possessions for long periods of time. Therefore we will offer levels of service where you could receive card or sticker graded, in as quickly as 72 hours. You will even be able to hand deliver your items to the store or grading offices.

To further ensure turnaround times are at an absolute minimum, all service contributors are UK based, from Design to Manufacture. There is no reliance whatsoever on oversea suppliers, therefore significantly reducing our grading carbon footprint, and further eradicating potential delays.

Levels of service (STC):

  • FST First up to 72 hours
  • FST Fast up to 2 weeks
  • FST Standard up to 6 weeks
  • FST Easy up to 12 weeks

Our panel of experts, with over 90 years collecting experience combined, will only be servicing and grading UK & European based collectors.

The First, Fast, Fora, journey to 'hassle free' Grading, here in the UK

  1. Design – Our appointed Design team have completed slab research and engineering methods.
  2. Funding – A part funded government grant has been applied for, to not only assist in financing this imperative step in the UK/EU football card/sticker hobby, but to create up to 20 new full-time employment positions at a time when unemployment numbers increased by nearly 1 million in 2020.
  3. Development – Our Design team are currently in discussions with our UK based Manufacturers to assist in the development. The Graded Slab will be 100% manufactured in the UK.
  4. Finalise – The design and manufacturing team will produce the final prototype for approval. A period of re-design and redevelopment may be required. This includes final decisions on the all important labelling and Slab ID.
  5. People – Grading team spearheaded by FST Owner & Founder, with 2 further hobby experts already appointed. Within 12 months of operations commencing, we project to have graded up to 65,000 stickers/cards. We further project this figure to increase by 50% year on year.
  6. Space – Offices have been identified where operations will run from. We will sign a long term lease prior to manufacture.
  7. Production – Finalised prototype goes into production and the UK Slab machine begins. Including the purchasing of Intelligent Ultrasonic Equipment.